Support – Kris’s Top Picks


If you encounter any site or account issues please report them to us via email or text. I was a computer technician/network engineer for almost 20 years and can resolve most issues quickly. Please don't hesitate to report issues. I am also here for the following. 

  • Locked out of your account and unable to recover.
  • Problems with ordering
  • Problems tracking order
  • Inquiry about items
  • Any general inquiry or complaint

*Response time is usually within 24 hours. Please allow 48 hours for a response. If still no response there could be an issue with your email getting thrown in spam. Please try the, this is directly to me so please only use it if you are having issues getting a response. 

Directly to me:
*please use as last resort


I discontinued the text line due to the high volume, it was intended for urgent issues only that did not include order status updates. Sorry if this is an inconvenience but as someone running this site alone for the most part, taking calls is not an option.

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