My store chose me!!

Hey! My name is Krisenda, I am the sole owner of Kris’s Top Picks (Formerly Kris’s Top Pick Accessories). I spent almost 20yrs as a computer technician/engineer...boring right? One day I decided to start selling lanyards and phone cases for some extra cash. Being a single mother of 3 I would always have alittle side hustle. I have always wanted to start my own business but was too scared to take the risk. I guess it was in the stars because thats when my store chose me!! Sold out within 3 days! Now in a year it has grown to so much more then expected and so much more rewarding! 

 I try to get to know every customer I possibly can. I am at this point today from building those relationships with people I interact with. I have an open door policy so stop by anytime!!