Due to COVID & current political issues shipping from our distributor has been delayed past the estimated 3-4 weeks. We ask for your patience as we look for ways to get orders to our customers in a timely manor. Unfortunately we are all at the mercy of the carriers. 

If you have an order that has already been shipped do not be alarmed that it is just sitting or taking longer then normal. There was a cut back on flights from China and its causing shipments to pile up. Once a shipment leaves us and is with the carrier the only information we have is what tracking provides, contacting us will only frustrate you when we cannot provide any other info then the tracking information. Please only reach out if your tracking number is showing invalid or if your order has not been shipped. We will be more then happy to assist you and make sure your item is shipped and tracking. 

*items in transit will NOT be refunded. Please see our Return Policy for further details about refunds and exchanges.