Reviews & Recommendations

  • Another Satisfied Customer!!

    He bought PINK ankle socks for his daughter..awww how nice!! She loved them!!
  • You will get your items quickly!!

    I pride on having fast shipping, great packing and product! - eBay Review
  • Review from a loyal customer!!

    Felicia has been buying socks from me since the beginning! She has even got one of my off-the-shoulder “Love” shirts. More of those coming too!!
  • Review from Mercari!!

    We communicated before the buy, she was great to work with as well!!
  • They always love the socks!!

    One of my Mercari customers loving her socks she purchased!
  • Fast shipping!!

    I take pride in shipping fast. Who wants to wait to get something new!
  • 5 Star Rating!!

    One of my Mercari customers giving me 5 stars!! I am a 5-Star chick after all! Lol
  • Another satisfied customer on my Mercari!

    I have tons of reviews everywhere!! You can find me on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Depop & Offerup! One of the reasons I am directing my customers...
  • What he said!!!

    One of my first customers on this site! Come on ladies I know you have a special man in your life, even a little man? I got them covered!!
  • Nikki loves socks & I love her!

    Thats my bestfriend; Thats my bestfriend; heeey you betta you betta! Lmao
  • When I get weed socks! Pssst I got more coming!!

    Viola is an old friend who lives far away but she didn’t hesitate to snatch a bunch of these weed socks from me. 💚
  • Meet Angela! My VIP customer!

    Angela is my VIP customer I see her at least once a week! Love her ❤️